December 1, 2020


TOS TV aims to become one of the world’s most trusted sources of informative, educational and entertaining news that provides a comprehensive range of high quality inspirational programming and broadcasting.

TOS TV will uniquely differentiate itself in a saturated news market by telling viewers “why”. In an age of universal access to social media and digital publishing, everyone can tell their stories and give eye witness accounts of breaking news. However,
TOS TV will contextualizes what is happening and gives our audiences a better understanding and why it is important.

TOS TV therefore aims to promote a brand of in-depth journalism that is research and analytics based via the production of documentaries, engaging interviews and expert analysis pieces.

When audiences hear breaking news, they will come to us to make meaning of it, which we will while exploiting the very latest in digital technology. Our brand of journalism plays to the strengths of our leadership and the TOS TV brand which today is uniquely recognizable for the trust audiences repose in Miss Osasu Igbinedion and their appreciation of her detailed analysis and fearless presentation.

It is our job to distill the most important news items into stories which are explanatory and understood by the ordinary Nigerian. It is worthy of note that there is no other Afrocentric live news channel in the market today.