The Osasu Show, popularly referred to as TOS is a one stop chiefessays.net development programme that focuses on the promotion and implementation of Sustainable Development in Africa, predominantly Nigeria. The Osasu Show provides information from state actors to non-state actors and vice- versa regarding economic, social, and environmental policies that cuts across borders.

TOS creates an environment for critical discussions on the improvement of societal perceptions and ideologies. TOS caters to an audience of both the elite and masses; our viewers are interested in high level policy implementation, current affairs new and sustainable development that promotes economic growth, quality infrastructure, and improved health and well being for all Nigerians irrespective of social class.

In striving to ‘bridge the gap’, The Osasu Show recently entered into a media partnership with the United Nations Millennium Campaign (UNMC) to promote the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development expository speech topics targeted to be achieved by 2030. Our strategy is to highlight achievements and proffer solutions to key stakeholders in the public and private sectors regarding a plethora of development challenges faced by Nigeria’s vulnerable population groups.