Africa’s COVID-19 cases surpass 100,000

A total of 100,664 cases have now been confirmed in 54 countries across Africa.

This is according to the latest figures the Africa Centre for Disease Control (CDC)  released on Friday.

The index case of coronavirus was recorded in Africa on February 14, when the Egyptian health ministry confirmed its first COVID-19 patient.

North Africa accounts for the highest number on the continent with 31,321 confirmed cases, followed by West Africa with 27,303 cases, while Africa’s south accounts for the third highest figure with 20,681 cases.

Eastern and Central Africa have 11,047 and 10,312 confirmed cases, respectively.

A total of 3,105 deaths have also been recorded in Africa, while 39,543 people have recovered from COVID-19.

Northern Africa also has the highest number of recoveries and deaths with 1,523 fatalities and 13,550 persons discharged in the region.

As of 6pm on May 22, South Africa accounted for the highest figure with 19,137 confirmed cases, followed by Egypt with 15,003 cases.

However, Egypt has recorded the most fatalities with 696 deaths. Lesotho, which is the latest country to record a case in Africa, still has only one confirmed case.

Meanwhile, in West Africa, Nigeria currently accounts for the highest figure with 7,016 confirmed cases, as well as 211 fatalities, the highest deaths in the region.

While Ghana has the highest number of recoveries with 1,951 patients discharged, with Nigeria coming quite close with 1,907 recoveries.