British Parliament Shooting – 4 confirmed dead, at least 20 persons injured

Reports are in that the British Parliament located in Westminster city, London is currently on lock-down after multiple shots were fired near the House of Commons building this afternoon.

According to NYTimes, several witnesses heard gunfire near an office building housing lawmakers and members of their staff. The shootings reportedly took place along the road inside the gates of Parliament leading onto the Parliament square.

A witness account on Twitter by Christopher Hope, a journalist with the Daily Telegraph, also reports that a man, presumed to be a police officer, has been injured in the shooting while there are other reports that the alleged assailant was also shot by armed police.

Man injured on Westminster Bridge in London Image: NYTimes

The Metropolitan Police in London has confirmed that officers have been summoned to the scene and they are treating the shooting as a ‘firearms incident.’ There are also reports that more people might have been injured after a vehicle hit several people when pandemonium broke at the sound of the gunshots.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Theresa May is said to be safe and has been taken away from the scene.

An air ambulance is currently attending the scene to remove the casualties.


According to reports, a policeman died after being attacked  at the scene with a knife. The attacker is said to have died after he was taken to hospital.

In addition to this, two people also died at the scene on Westminster Bridge, where 20 others were injured.

Paramedics with the London Ambulance Service have treated 12 people for serious injuries, two of whom are thought to be fighting for their lives.

British Parliament shooting
Suspect in the London Parliament shooting Image Cred:

Pictured above is the suspect, with two separate knives (blade) lying on the cobbled street close to him.

The suspected terrorist reportedly drove a vehicle into people on the bridge before he alighted from the car and began stabbing the late policeman.