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‘Buhari Cannot Do it All Alone’- Bola Tinubu

the national leader of the All Progressives Congress, Bola Tinubu, is certain that Nigeria is on the right path with President Buhari at the helm of affairs. Speaking yesterday in Sokoto, the former governor of Lagos State believes the nation is rebuilding and restructuring. He says

“With last year’s election, the national conscience awoke. The people rejected the distorted arrangements of past governments in order to make room for a better future. They had once again found the courage that Usman Dan Fodio had bequeathed them. They had rediscovered their way and their right to pursue it.

“Today we all participate in an epic struggle. We seek to undo many years of mis-governance and its myriad consequences. The process is hard because good is always harder to achieve than evil. Creation is always more difficult than destruction. Greed is easier than greatness.

“Yet Nigeria has begun the process of turning to its better self. The government of President Buhari is cleaning out the rot of years of galloping corruption and avarice. This government is also moving to pursue policies that will spark development and bring prosperity to long oppressed Nigerians.”

Bola Tinubu though concedes that the rebuilding process won’t be easy and will take a concerted effort, patience and determination for it to become a reality.

“Be reminded that this will be a battle. No battle is easy. We must be firm in our resolve to reform this nation. We must have the courage to stand fast in the times of difficulty, having faith that the rightfulness of our cause will see us through to the success of our collective efforts and yearnings.

“The truth today is that Nigeria has the greatest opportunity to get it right with a leader like Mr. Muhammadu Buhari.

“Another truth is that Nigeria and Nigerians are suffering under the yoke of corruption. The economy is based on a model no longer sustainable given the realities of today’s markets and global trends.

“There is much to fix. President Buhari is committed to fixing them. But he needs your support and patience. He cannot do it all alone. We must stand beside him or else we may be knocked down and not stand at all.

“Thus, let us be resolved to see reform and change that will make Nigeria rise as the nation it should be.”