Buhari has made the political space and public office too hot for any allegations or scandals – BMO


The Buhari Media Organisation (BMO), on Tuesday, August 20, disclosed that President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has heralded a new era of morality in Nigeria’s social and political space, with the ongoing investigations of prominent public officers, including members of his own ruling party.

The pro-Buhari group in a statement sent to TOS TV, signed by its Chairman, Niyi Akinsiju, and Secretary, Cassidy Madueke, stated that letters of resignation by very senior public servants, is yet another pointer to a new phase of the anti-corruption war, with a special focus on the public service.

“Nigeria is getting its moral compass right, slowly but surely.

“There is the new template that the President Buhari administration has set for its public Officials; that they must be above board, and that in the execution of their duties, they must not be found wanting, as mismanagement, malfeasance or misappropriation of State resources will attract severe repercussions.

“This was not the case in previous administrations that rewarded wrongdoing, both alleged and proven, rather than punish it”, the BMO noted.

The group, added that investigations, prosecutions, even arrests, and in some cases, resignations by top public Officials in the face of corruption scandals and allegations, has shown that the Buhari administration has made the political space and public office “too hot for any allegations or scandals, whether from the past or present, on issues of corruption or any other malfeasance.

“What is unfolding is a new mindset in the public service, especially at the highest levels. It is a mindset that those who must command positions of power should have a clean slate, must be examples of integrity and uprightness.

“President Buhari has led in this regard, and today it is trickling down to top government Officials.

“He has also put the world on notice that the fight against corruption is not a selective fight. Its lenses and lights would flash at everyone  whether friend or foe, whether party member or opposition, whether government Official or businessman.

“Another striking point in the endeavour by this administration to rid the public space of corruption, is that it follows due process. The law is not upended, neither is it circumvented.

“Rule of law is not undermined in any way in the investigation of allegations of corruption. It is a matter of right or wrong, and facts and evidence”, the group declared.

According to the BMO, this administration is the first since Nigeria’s re-entrance into the democratic space, to tackle corruption in-house without fear or favour, and not because anyone had fallen out with anyone.

“The cases of the dismissal of the former National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) Executive Secretary, and the former Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), among others, are testament that wrongdoing in public office under President Buhari would not be tolerated.

“Same goes for the suspension of government Officials who are under investigation by the anti-corruption Agencies, under the President Buhari administration”, the BMO noted.

The BMO pointed out that previously, it was unheard of for public Officials under investigation to resign, “but now there is a new Sheriff in town.

“Resignation by public Officials under investigation, being prosecuted or facing serious allegations of wrongdoing, is now the norm under this administration.

“There is a departure from the era of impunity and dishonour, and a new template of respect for laid-down rules, and regard for the Nigerian people.

“It is respect for the sanctity of governance and public office”, the BMO said.