Eki Igbinedion keeping faith with her mission to stop human trafficking


“The economic benefit from trafficking was enormous. Few years back, human trafficking was the highest source of revenue after drug and arms. People saw the economic advantage, so they resisted it. When we sponsored a bill against human trafficking in the Edo State House of Assembly, it was thrown out a couple of times because people trivialized it.

Some would say: “prostitution is the oldest profession, so why do you want to address it now.” And we said we are not just addressing prostitution, but the violation of human rights and that it is against the law.” So a couple of times it went back until it was passed into law.

That created the legal framework for us to be able to thrive in our quest for the complete eradication of human trafficking. Edo State was the first to pass it.” –  Eki Igbinedion