Fayemi slams Fayose for owing Ekiti monarchs Five months arrears

The All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidate, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, has promised to end the sufferings being experienced by the people of the state under the administration of Governor Ayo Fayose.

Fayemi accused Fayose of inflicting hardship on the various segment of the population including workers, school pupils, parents, business owners and traditional rulers.

He revealed that apart from workers owed arrears of between five and nine month arrears of salaries, Fayose is also allegedly owing traditional rulers five month arrears of allowances.

Fayemi also slammed the governor for refusing to disclose the Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) since coming to power in 2014.

Speaking during a special interview programme on Sunday night, Fayemi said Fayose had no accuse to be owing workers noting that N253 billion has accrued to the Ekiti treasury.

A vote for the APC ticket, according to him, is a vote for commitment to the positive transformation of Ekiti, experience in governance and connection with Abuja to influence things in favour of the state and its people.

Fayemi promised to expand the scope of his eight-point agenda to launch Ekiti on the path of development again regretting that the state has retrogressed under Fayose’s watch as the governor has discarded human development policies of the preceding government.

He regretted that Fayose allegedly played politics and denied Ekiti the opportunity of accessing funds meant for rice production by the Federal Government despite the fact that an Ekiti indigene his (Fayemi’s) former Commissioner, Mr. Jide Arowosafe.

Fayemi stated that states like Kebbi, Jigawa and Ogun had benefited from noting that Ekiti would have used the funds to develop rice production in Igbemo-Ekiti and other rice belts in the state.

The APC flag bearer also debunked the allegation of the PDP-led government that he is seeking a return to power to revenge against workers saying he is on a rescue mission and not on vengeance mission against anybody.

He said: “On what basis should I come on a vengeance mission? Nobody has offended me, the secret of June 21st 2014 is quite open to us all. We all know of Capt. Koli, Koro (Obanikoro) and few others.”

Criticizing Fayose for alleged anti-people policies, Fayemi said: “You refused to pay teachers for ten months but you are saying ‘we may not pay your salaries but the man coming wants to sack you.’

“During Fayemi’s (first) administration, no final year secondary school student paid WAEC, NECO, NABTEB and JAMB fees but now, pupils from primary to SS3 students are now paying taxes.

“He called teachers to the Government House sometime ago and a woman among them told him the truth. My government didn’t charge any pupil or student a dime.

“We ran a qualitative, free and functional education while I was the Governor. Pupils now pay Tax, pay for SSCE, no more free JAMB forms. Ekiti now has the lowest enrollment in Education in Southwest as it is today which is strange to us all.

“We didn’t owe workers monthly salary except for September 2014 and this was because the incoming governments approached our financial institutions and opt to halt our arrangements.

“We had regular training and re-training to workers in Ekiti, we paid core subject allowances, rural allowances to teachers, car loans, housing loans to our workers.

“I heard that all what I did for Obas have been stopped, in fact, our Obas are being owed five months salaries. Did all these happen when I was in government?”

Fayemi added that Fayose’s alleged harsh and unfriendly policies have driven investors away with many businesses closing down leading to loss of jobs.

“Our administration revived Ire Burnt Bricks Industry, brought back Ikogosi Warm Spring, enterprise grew in Ekiti during my time. When I came in, the only two prominent hotels are Pathfinder and Fountain and there was deluge of people coming.

“I spoke with all these people and they brought their investment here but when I left, they all regretted but today, GTB is gone, Coca Cola is gone, Ire Burnt Bricks is struggling and Gossy Water is dead because Fayose’s government is anti-investment.

“IGR rose to N600m before I left office as we declared what came in monthly but no one has heard of Ekiti IGR since I left.”

Fayemi said all what he did with Ekiti funds during his first term in office are there for all to see as his government paid stipends to aged people, youth volunteers, constructed roads, palaces, markets, civic centres, town halls and other key projects.

He assured that the APC administration apart from putting an end to the suffering of Ekiti people will execute policies that will boost their standard of living.