Flood renders over 1,000 Nigerians homeless


Over 1,000 Nigerians have been rendered homeless, as heavy rainfall that lasted over three hours, destroyed residents in Odota area, in llorin, the Kwara State capital.

According to reports, the rainfall started at about 11pm, on Monday, and lasted until 1am, on Tuesday, flooding the whole area.

Some of the victims who were affected including Traders, were trying to recover their damaged belongings from the flood.

Several of them including children and aged persons have moved to houses of neighbours, who were not seriously affected.

Some of the items damaged by the flood included clothing, furniture, household utensils, electronics, and other assorted materials.

The Chairman of the Landlords Association in the affected areas, Alhaji Yahaya Olowo-Beki, who spoke with Newsmen, attributed the flood to lack of drainage after the completion of the Geri Alimi under pass.

He said: “The flooding has become constant occurrence being experienced in the area, since the completion of the under pass.”

Olowo-Beki appealed to the Kwara State Government, to provide drainage at the sides of the under pass, to curb the constant flooding in the area.

Alhaji Al-Amin Amasa, the Permanent Secretary in the State Ministry of Environment, while reacting to the incident, attributed the flooding to lack of proper layout in the affected areas.

According to him, the flooding was not as a result of the construction of the under pass, but as a result of the failure of the affected residents to create water ways when building their houses.