For Refugees, it Can Be Difficult to Obtain Employment

We are currently in the middle of one of the largest refugee crises the world has ever seen.  For these refugees, there are many struggles to be faced.  From learning the language to acclimating to the culture, it is incredibly difficult to cope with all the changes.

But perhaps the greatest struggle refugees face is finding employment.  Without a source of income, survival is nearly impossible.  And while some of refugees have skills that can be put to work anywhere in the world, many of them work in fields that require country-specific training and licenses that are too expensive to afford.

There are opportunities for refugees to learn new skills.For these individuals, there are programs being offered by skilled labor professionals where refugees can train under them at little to no cost, allowing them to learn a skill that can help them sustain their family.  Among the professions offering this training are locksmiths.


Locksmiths Are in High Demand


The great thing about this field is that it is a universal need.  Everyone has locks.  Everyone needs locksmiths.  And unlike many other fields, it is not a saturated market.  There are many areas that do not have local, skilled locksmiths, which means that when a need arises, it can take a while to have the problem fixed.  It is a great way for a refugee to establish himself and start a new life.


Locksmiths Offer Important Services


What kinds of services?  Check out to see some of the standard services offered.  Essentially, a locksmith can take care of everything related to locks and home security.

This might mean unlocking doors to home and cars when the owner locks themselves outside.  It might mean rekeying locks when keys are lost.  Or, if the homeowner is looking to improve their security, it could mean evaluating the home and making a plan for installing better locks.

Many locksmiths go beyond this as well, offering other security solutions.  They can install safes, place security cameras, and even install alarm systems.  While many just getting into the business will probably want to start with just locks, advancing into a full home-security business is a great way to grow your venture.


Locksmiths Can Easily Run Highly Profitable Businesses


You might be surprised by how many people need locksmith services every single day—unless you are a locksmith, of course.  This is why there are so many successful 24/7 locksmith companies in operation—there is a genuine need for them.

Most locksmith jobs are fast; from the time you arrive at the job to the time you are paid, most jobs last about 10 minutes.  Considering that the cheapest jobs will still run about $20, that means there is a lot of room for profit.  This is a business that can easily sustain a family.


How to Get Started


The only way to get started is to find out if there is a program active near you or the person you are helping.  If you are unable to find a list, you can call local locksmiths to find out if they are willing to offer a training program for locksmith services.