Forget Presidency Till Buhari Finishes Tenure – Anenih Tells PDP

A former board of trustees’ chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Tony Anenih has said the party should forget about the presidency until President Muhammadu Buhari finishes his tenure.

He said this when the leadership of the Jerry Gana strategy review and inter-party affairs committee visited him in Abuja.

Anenih said the party must settle its internal conflicts before struggling for the presidency or other positions.

“When Buhari’s tenure finishes, we will know who takes over from him. When he finishes his tenure, there will be more conventions on both sides and God will lead us to choose somebody who will help Nigeria,” he said.

“He may not be a party member now, either APC or PDP, but if God says that is the person, we will vote for him.

“God will direct the party to go and bring him. If He says it is President Muhammadu Buhari, of course, he can finish his tenure, but one day he will hand over. So what is important is to organise a party.”

Anenih blamed PDP’s woes on some party leaders who wanted their selfish interests to prevail.

“Right from 2014, we have missed many opportunitiesto reorganise PDP. It is because of the selfish interest of some party leaders that PDP is where it is today,” he said.

“PDP should have been in power now but everybody wants to be a presidential candidate, national chairman… It is never done.”

Anenih also appealed to Nigerians to pray for the speedy recovery of Buhari and his return to Nigeria, expressing worries over some negative comments about the president’s ailment.

“I think what Nigerians should do now is to pray for Buhari to come back home in good health, bring out Nigeria from the woods and reposition things,” he said.

“Let God give him speed recovery so that we can receive him. That is more important to me than talking about Osinbajo would have to resign.

‘’Why should we be talking about this? It is silly and very unfortunate.”