November 27, 2020

Future is pink – more female education and bigger role

If we could give an overview look to the world in the last century, we will surely notice that women have been making the difference. Without their important role and growth, we couldn’t have the world we live in.

How women could change their position

Women learnt to work outside the family, they can attend school programs and university courses, they can decide about their future as moms or as women in career. Women today play without any doubt a giant role in comparison to the past times.

In a few decades, women learnt the way to be successful and could do this even though most male relatives of them kept discouraging them all the time – actually, women and girls are still discriminated and this not only in the developing Countries.

In few words, women changed their social position and role and they are today a strong workforce and resource for many different jobs.

Growth and economical boom

The day the economy in the USA started to boom like never before, more women decided to get in the society and gave up staying at home to go and work. A professional realization for a woman means to be able to buy, sell, make business and contribute to the economical growth of the Country.

That’s why developing Countries insist on women’s role and try to offer females more chances to access a solid education, which is the basic step for a professional career.

Today, women run enterprises and they play a role in governments. Women learnt to take advantage of their position and there’s no more difference in the society between being male or female: from a professional point of view, education and personal skills are what really matter.  Women

Women and entertainment

Today, women can access the same entertainment channels as millions men. Nightclubs, pubs, cinemas and theaters are attended by more numerous women than men.

Even online platforms that offer games and other entertainment products count usually a larger number fo women than men: this explains even better the revolution in the female’s role in our century.

Poker is one of the most chosen games to play. Usually, this was a game for “males”, but recently great female gamblers could beat all the odds and put their hands on interesting prizes.

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Vanessa, Annie, Victoria

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