Getting a Unique Gift for Valentine’s Day.


To some people, Valentine’s Day is the day you’re supposed to buy flowers or candy for your loved one. But to others, Valentine’s Day is about expressing your innermost feelings about that special someone. Regardless of what you think about Valentine’s Day, this year you should tailor your val’s gifts to express your feelings properly. With a pinch of romance, a bit of planning, and a little creativity, you could get the perfect gift.

1. Buy Something They Can Use.
• For the well-kempt man in your life, consider an upscale grooming set. Try prodding for brand preferences from your valentine, make sure it’s something he’s interested in.

• For your lady val, find out what purse or wallet she’s pined after and make that your gift.

• Try a watch. For either sex a watch is a tasteful gift which is always in style.

2. Know What Your Val Likes.
• Remember to be subtle. It’s pretty obvious when you’re being prodded for gift ideas under the guise of playful conversation. Subtlety is key.

• Don’t be afraid to ask around. Try to inquire with friends or family of your val-hopefully people you trust to keep your gift-giving a secret.

• Ease it into conversation. Avoid just asking your val “what are your favorite things?” Attempt to have it arise organically in conversation, coming at the question sideways.

3. Get Creative With Their Interests.
• A good rule of thumb is to avoid buying them what they would buy themselves, but buy them what they never even thought they wanted.

• Let the internet be your guide. As a general rule for gift-giving, you should look to exhaust your options. Don’t kick yourself a week after February 14th; be patient to go through multiple options.

• If you decide to take the arts-and-crafts route and avoid the shopping, be sure to really make it good. Serious thought and work ought to go into these sorts of gifts to make sure they don’t appear last minute or thrown-together.

4. Saying what you mean.
• Jot down your message. If you’re looking to “say what you mean” as a part of your Valentine’s Day present, it’s necessary to know what you’d like to say by jotting it down.

• Pair your gift with your message. A box of chocolate and a teddy hardly says “I’d like to get to know you better.” Beyond merely selecting the gift, ensuring that it matches whatever message you’d like to get across.

• Prepare to be misunderstood. Don’t expect the worst, but know how to explain yourself, especially if your gift is a little out-there.

• See it through. The final and most obvious step is to simply give the gift in classic style, try not to make a big deal out of it. This is the greatest pleasure in a gift well-gifted.