God, fasting and prayer can make Nigeria great, Okupe tells Osinbajo

Doyin Okupe, former special assistant to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan on public affairs says God, fasting and prayer can “certainly” make Nigeria great.

On Wednesday, Acting President Yemi Osinbajo had said that Nigeria cannot grow solely on the prayers and fasting of its citizens.

“No matter how much you pray and fast, our country cannot grow without some of us deciding to do the hard work that makes nations work,” Osinbajo had said.

But writing on his Twitter handle, Okupe said he disagrees with what the acting president’s standpoint.

He said although there is no substitute for hard work, “that alone cannot make a nation great”.

“I beg to disagree with VP. Yes there is no substitute for hard work but that alone can’t make a nation great. But God, fasting and prayer certainly will.

“We can neither limit the extent of God’s power nor can we compartmentalize his area of influence. God is sovereign.

“Jehoshaphats army did not have to fight. They did not lift a finger. God fought their battles. They did not have to lift a finger yet had victory.”