Happy Children’s Day!

Children are inquisitive. Children are caring. Children are daring. Most importantly, Children are a gift from God. Every child, no matter the socioeconomic background they are born into are entitled to the basic necessities of life; food, good healthcare, clean (drinking, bathing) water and stellar education. My goal in life is to uphold this standard for every Nigerian child. My team and I have taken the first step with the internally displaced kids in area 1, Abuja. We’ve provided daily education, shelter and food items to them. But… this is only the beginning! We’ve merely scratched the surface of what God has asked us to do. We will use our platform to ensure there are no child hawkers remaining on the streets of Nigeria. This is our goal. This is our quota to society. This, is how we bridge the gap.

Happy Children’s Day to the future leaders of our great nation!

God bless you all.