Home Robberies In South Africa – A Regular?

According to the National Victims of Crime Survey in 2012, over 50 percent of the households that were analyzed reported being afraid of home robberies. Robberies, as opposed to breakings or burglaries, refer to violent types of crimes since residents are at home when the act occurs. This translates to personal injury risks, in addition to emotional trauma in those places where people should feel the safest. So needless to say that home robberies create a great deal of distress and trigger feelings of fear and anxiety among members of the South African community.

Home Robbery Figures On The Rise247 Phoenix Locksmith keeps your home safe

Things do not appear to be looking any better in the near future. On the contrary, each new statistic and analysis provided by the South African Police Service and Statistics South Africa speak about an increase in the number of home robberies on a yearly basis. According to official numbers, home robbery figures have gone up by close to 65 percent at a national level during the last 8 years. With dozens of robbed homes being recorded in a single year, areas like Northern Cape, Gauteng, Eastern Cape, or Lompopo remain unstable and dangerous from this point of view. Residents here need to work harder to protect their properties. 75% of robberies occur at night and 66% of them are committed by small groups of 2 to 3 individuals usually males ages 15 to 34. In 99,9% of the cases, weapons were used during the act. In 40% of these cases, the intruders gained access to a home and surprised the victims – hence the need to do a full home lockdown at all times.

How To Secure Your Home With Professional Help

Get in touch with an authorized locksmith like a 247 Phoenix Locksmith you can easily find in the U.S. Make sure he is licensed, experienced, and can handle the type of residential services you need: lock rekey, lock change, lock repair, installation of new locks including commercial grade locks, home security alarm systems (installation, repairs, and maintenance), installation of window locks and garage door locks or alarms and the list could go on. Take a look at their feedbacks and customer reviews and see if they are trustworthy; run a background check by reference-crossing their name or company details into a nationwide official database of locksmiths. If you are not sure whether you should contract the services of a certain locksmith as you have never worked with him before, make sure you ask for references from your family or friends. Word-of-mouth is often times the best way of coming across good technicians you can let into your home to:

  • have your front door locks changed with commercial grade 1 or 2 locks if possible; add a deadbolt lock to your main entrance door and you are less likely to be surprised by a robber.

  • rekey or repair your old and warn-out locks around the house so in case of a forced entry, you can hide into a safe room with a sturdy lock on it to keep you secure until the authorities arrive.

  • install home security alarm systems, wired or wireless, sensor-based or CCTV systems that will allow you to constantly know what is going on on the premises;

  • secure your windows by having locks or window blocks and safety bars installed.