Hundreds of protesters storm the streets of Mexico, over two teenagers raped by Police Officers


Hundreds of protesters in a bid to register their displeasure over the rape of two teenagers by Police Officers, have flooded the streets of Mexico City, demanding justice for the rape victims.

TOS TV gathered that about 300 protesters, mostly female, descended on the Mexican capital’s Prosecutor’s Office, on Monday, August 12.

Armed with pink glitter and spray paint, they advanced on the building, smashing its door and leaving a pig’s head outside.

The protests were sparked by two recent rape cases.

The first involved a 17-year-old girl who said four Policemen raped her in their patrol car in Azcapotzalco, in the capital’s  North, on 3rd August.

The second concerned a 16-year-old girl, who said that a Policeman raped her in a Museum, in the city centre, days later.

Recall, that last week Thursday, a Police Officer was arrested in connection with the second case. So far, no arrests have been made in relation to the first.

Outraged by the alleged misconduct by Police, the protesters chanted “justice” and “they do not protect us, they rape us”.

During the protests, Mexico’s Security Minister, Jesús Orta Martínez, was covered in pink glitter when he attempted to assure the women that both cases would be properly investigated.

Claudia Sheinbaum, Mexico City’s first elected female Mayor, described the protest as a “provocation”.

“They wanted the government to respond with violence, but we are not going to do that”, she told Reporters.

Violence against women is prevalent in Mexico. United Nations (UN) figures show an estimated nine women are killed every day in the country.