Insecurity: Chadian President, Idriss Deby, declares state of emergency in two Eastern Provinces


In a bid to nip violent inter-communal clashes which left dozens dead, earlier this month, to the bud, Chadian President, Idriss Deby, declared a state of emergency in two Eastern Provinces, on Sunday, August 18.

According to reports, the state of emergency will run for three months in Sila and Ouaddai regions, where 50 people have died, since August 9, in fighting between cattle Herders and settled Farmers, the President’s Office stated.

“From now, we will deploy Military Forces who are going to ensure the security of the population in the region”, Deby said while on a trip to Sila.

“We must disarm all the civilians who have weapons in their hands”, he noted.

Recall, that Eastern Chad is in the grip of a cycle of violence between nomadic camel herders; many from the Zaghawa ethnic group from which Deby hails, and sedentary Farmers from the Ouaddian community.

TOS TV gathered that drought and population growth have aggravated the conflicts in recent times.

With the state of emergency declared, vis a vis the Governor from the same region, there are strong indications that the conflict will be brought to an abrupt end.