Lawyer Who Accused Akpabio Of Corruption Charged To Court

Mr. Leo Ekpenyong (The lawyer who accused Senator Godswill Akpabio of corruption) was today arraigned by the police for defamation at the High Court in Gudu District, Abuja.

Mr. Leo Ekpenyong had accused the EFCC of intimidating him, and refusing to investigate Senator Godswill Akpabio.

Mr. Leo Ekpenyong also threatened legal action against the EFCC, if it failed to investigate allegations of corruption against Mr. Akpabio. Mr. Ekpenyong had called for an immediate investigation and prosecution of Mr. Akpabio and vowed to use every legal instrument available to ensure that Mr. Akpabio was probed.

He questioned the integrity of the commission’s leadership and expressed his loss of confidence in its ability to bring Mr. Akpabio to justice.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission later invited Mr. Ekpenyong on Monday, October 26, and interrogated him over the allegations he made during a television programme. He was released by the EFCC after being grilled for hours.

Source: BT