Mayweather proposes to his ex-fiancee

American boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather has proposed a second time to his ex-fiancee, Shantel Jackson, via a text message with a demand that she changes her attitude.

According to TMZ, Jackson put the proposal on display in new legal papers filed in her nuclear war with Mayweather.

In the message, Mayweather said, “This is what I offer to you. Let’s get married move in together you can go back in forth to L.A and stay at the condo.

“I promise I will get you in 3 A list movies this year and I’m willing to go to counseling to make us work and you can get the stuff you want and I’m willing to change but I need you to have a better attitude.”

Shantel broke up with the boxing champion last year following alleged verbal abuse and constant threats.

In the legal documents she said, “Mayweather threatened that if I didn’t take down the photo of me and Nelly, he would post ‘naked photos’ of me on social media.”

Source:The Trent