Messi Claims Not To Have Any Relationship With Guardiola

The Argentine morphed into one of the best players in the world under Guardiola’s guidance between 2008 and 2012. He won numerous accolades when Guardiola was at the helm of the Catalan club.

Messi, who was Guardiola’s star man has insisted that he does not have a special relationship with the Bayern boss anymore.

“We had a great time when Pep was here. We won a lot of titles and I grew a lot – that was the time when I grew most as a footballer,” Messi said at a press conference.

“We had a fantastic relationship when he was here. I have seen him a few times since he left, but we don’t have any kind of relationship now.

“Guardiola knows us, he knows us all well. We were lucky enough to win a lot of titles with him. Based on what Guardiola meant to the club in his time as coach, I think he will get a good welcome. He gave a lot to the club and he is from here, but I think the fans will support the club and want us to win the game.”

Source: 360nobs