Nigerian Drivers, Lock Up While Driving!

When was the last time you crossed Nigeria by car? If your answer is “never”, but you are getting ready to go there on a business trip or for personal reasons, here are a few practical tips to keep you safe on the road and behind the wheel.

What To Expect

For starters, if you are planning on limiting your driving to the southern side of Nigeria, you should not come across any noticeable problems. The quality of the roads however will vary form area to area, so you can expect a lot of traffic in Lagos and some awful roads in the second half of the Sagamu-Benin-City-Exwy. If you are planning on entering using the Badagry border, make sure you leave at 1pm the latest as you care prone to face evening traffic rush like you haven't seen in a while. Most Nigerians don't make for exactly skilled drivers, so you are highly recommended to constantly keep an eye on the road and on your driving. You will often times see drivers try to overtake even when they cannot possibly see if the road is clear or not. Also, if you are planning on driving after dark, you should take additional precaution measures – but you are most advised not to try that on your own without at least being accompanied by a local.

How To Stay Safe Behind The Wheel

Just like anywhere else in the world, you are highly advised to always drive with your doors locked. No matter if you are on a road somewhere or you are in a parking lot trying to look on a map and figure out where to next, always keep your doors locked. You can never know when someone might try to open your doors while at a Stop sign or in a parking lot and steal your car, hijack it, or steal your bag, phone, or jewelry from you. Plus, there are unfortunate times when unlocked doors can simply come open during accidents and throw out the driver and the rest of the passengers out. This is one of the main reasons why so many cars will automatically lock the doors when out into gear.

If you are not sure you can rely on the security your current locks on your car can provide you with, you can follow the link leading to the 24/7 Denver Locksmiths company – and land straight on the automotive locksmithing service page. Find out exactly what these authorized and insured lock technicians can do for you and your car locks or ignition and give them a call. You can set up a free assessment with them at your desired time and place and have them accurately inspect your locks and trunk for warn-out signs and faults that could leave you locked outside your car. Their flat rates for their car services are some of the most affordable in the industry, and if you will be transferring your personal vehicle to Nigeria for your transportation needs, you should definitely get int ouch with these locksmiths and have them reprogram your transponder key if necessary and rekey the locks or fix them so you can lock/unlock your doors hassle-free at your destination.

Finally, never rely on finding gas filling stations everywhere in Nigeria. You will come across petrol stations and you will most likely be forced to sit in queues because of often occurring shortages of petrol. Fill your tanks whenever you have the chance and don't get discouraged, traveling to Nigeria by car can be a fun experience!