Nigerian Homes Under Threat: Burglary Protection Tips

According to the Nigeria 2015 Crime and Safety Report, the general crime and security situation in the country is not a reassuring one. The official rating attributed to the level of crimes here is “critical”, with crime being a known risk throughout the entire country. U.S. visitors as well as Nigerian residents are no strangers to armed muggings, as well as home burglaries, assaults, and even carjacking and kidnappings. And among these serious threats, home invasion unfortunately remains high on the list; there are many cases of armed robberies occurring in the premises of guarded buildings through wall scaling or by following residents and making a fast entry. This means changes are if you live here or are just visiting for a while, you are not feeling extremely safe inside your home as we speak.licensed Dallas locksmith company protects your home

Tips To Prevent Burglary In Nigeria

  • the most common break-ins occur during the day, while residents are away at work or school;

  • the summer months of July and August are also preferred by intruders and burglars, as this is the time when residents tend to leave on vacation and announce it on thgeir social media pages;

  • leaving a single window open to get fresh air at night could mean inviting a burglar inside your hone without your knowledge; never leave your windows open and either use a special nail pinning system to block the windows from opening more than 3 inches as to prevent burglars from sneaking it, or have safety bars or window locks/alarms installed;

  • the hot Nigerian summer days are usually a nuisance and most residents feel the need to breathe in some fresh, cold air through their windows. Home thieves know this and this is why open windows represent one of their most common ways of breaking in during the summer. While in the U.S. you could get in touch with a licensed Dallas locksmith company should you live in the Dallas area and have them inspect your home and install Grade 1 and Grade 2 locks and dead bolts or sensor alarm systems, it might be more difficult to do so in Nigeria. The country is smaller than the U.S., automatically making the finding of a specialized and authorized locksmith worth your trust more difficult. With fewer options at hand, your search will need to be even more careful.

  • ask for references from neighbors and co-workers who have already hired the services of a certain locksmithing company in your area and who can vouch for them and their reliable work. Listen to the horror stories with locksmith service gone wrong and see you avoid going through something similar yourself. Only work with people who can prove to be who they claim to be through documents, authorizations, and degrees. Go online and see what additional information such as forum discussions and old customer reviews you can find on the lock technician you are thinking about hiring.

  • a home that is monitored by even the simplest of home security systems and which displays electronic sensors on its windows is very likely to completely discourage a potential burglar. Get in touch with a locksmith who can install such a wired or wireless alarm system around your house. See if you can afford a closed-circuit TC camera that will enable you to permanently keep an eye on the inside of your property and tell you whenever there is an intruder inside the house.