No Nigerian was killed in Ghana riot‎ – Official

‎The Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has refuted the report that five Nigerians were recently killed in Ghana.

The ministry, in a statement on Tuesday, narrated the details of some violent acts, but said no Nigerian was killed.

Read the ‎ministry’s full statement below.

The attention of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been drawn to the media reports on the killings of five Nigerians in Sowutoun Area of Ga Municipality of Greater Accra Region, Ghana on August 18, 2017.

The Nigerians were allegedly targeted following the death of a Ghanaian who was murdered by a Nigerian national in self defence.

According to reports from our High Commission in Accra Ghana, the Nigerian lodged a complaint at the police station about the deceased Ghanaian, regarding a theft at his residence. While the investigations were ongoing, the deceased Ghanaian had crept into his apartment and attacked the Nigerian for reporting the case to the police, but the deceased Ghanaian was overpowered by the Nigerian who in self defence stabbed him on the head. ‎

This led to the death of the Ghanaian and subsequent placing in protective custody of the Nigerian by the Ghanaian police.

The news filtered into the streets of Accra that a Ghanaian had been killed by a Nigerian, and this led to a riot and mobilisation of Ghanaians against Nigerians resulting in destruction of properties including vehicles belonging to Nigerians.

However, our High Commission in Ghana ascertained the circumstances of the alleged attack and the latest reports from our mission indicates that the Accra Regional Police intervened promptly and took control of the situation, although some Nigerians sustained injuries and properties were damaged.

It was also found that the Ghanaian authorities acted in accordance with their domestic laws regarding the protective custody of the Nigerian.

There was no death recorded of any Nigerian national as the result of the alleged incident. The Nigerian is still in protective custody of the police in Ghana.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to assure the general public that no Nigerian was killed as alleged by media reports.

Nigerians are therefore encouraged to be law abiding and should desist from actions that would tarnish the image of the country and continue to cooperate with the Ghanaian authorities.