Obaseki no threat to my gov ambition – Ogienmwonyi

Governorship aspirant of All Progressives Congress, APC, in Edo State, Chris Ogienmwonyi, said, yesterday, that he was not intimidated by the seeming support being given to Mr Godwin Obaseki by some government appointees, noting that his 34 years’ experience in the public sector gives him an edge over other aspirants.

Ogienmwonyi, who displayed his nomination and expression of interest forms to journalists in Benin City, said: “I am coming into this race with 34 years experience in the public service, I am not a rooky of five years. If you see what I had navigated in my career to get to the top, you will know that I am a man of courage. Because of my courage and the desire of the people more than the few in the House of Assembly that said they endorsed him, because the people want real change, the mass will subsume those few numbers that picked the form for him.

“The truth is that the people have decided. They need a man who can create jobs, a man who has the capacity, a man who is independent not a man who is being carried. The time has come to take our destinies in our own hands. Whatever it will take, we will fight oppression, we will fight deceit, we are not cowards.”

Reminded that he was also one of the aspirants with deep pockets in the race, Ogienmwonyi explained that “I just came back from the US where I went to witness the primaries in two states, New York and Indiana, my brother, you never heard about money, either from Clinton or from Trump. What they were talking are addressing are issues, policies, your antecedents, work experience, your capacity, your exposure internationally.

“When I start here, what I want to introduce is that money should not be the issue in politics, we should allow those who don’t have money but they are solid up stairs. What makes a man is not pocket, we should de-emphasis money, let us look for those who are brilliant and component. And that is what I am preaching that the era of throwing money at delegates is becoming mundane. We should give delegates hook to go to the River and fish and not to give fish to delegates.”