Oshiomhole remains suspended from APC – Shaibu

The Deputy Governor of Edo State, Philip Shaibu who featured at The Osasu Show on Friday has reiterated the fact that former governor of Edo state and the National Chairman of the All Progressive Congress, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole remains suspended as an APC member in his ward in Edo state.

TOSTV Network had in November, 2019, reported how Oshiomhole was suspended from APC after 18 local government chairmen of the party in Edo state passed a vote of no confidence on him. After he was accused of trying to disintegrate the party in Edo State.

This singular act resulted to countless litigations in courts of competent jurisdictions and factionalisation of leadership positions in APC throughout Edo state.

Comrade Shaibu said “Chairman or no Chairman, the constitution that guides the party is clear, as we speak today, Anslem Ojezua is the Chairman of APC in Edo State and we also know, and as far as Edo State is concerned, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole is suspended from the party”.

“The court has ruled that he can function, so we are waiting for the court to determine whether he can continue to hold office even when the court has suspended him, so for us these are issues of the future”, the deputy governor affirmed.

The unending feud between himself, Governor Godwin Obaseki’s against the APC National Chairman has untimely dissolved the once envious political marriage between these political lovebirds. Shaibu said such marriage led them to fight people they regretted fighting in Edo state.

According to him, “We saw somebody that believed in our vision and we keyed in and this person led us to fighting certain persons we regretted today, without knowing he was trying to become a new godfather, and today we are saying, no, we abolished godfatherism”.

“We believe that every Edo child has the capacity to live his dream without one man detecting the pace for him, so he who led us to say, no one man can determine the destiny of any child in our state now wants to determine the destiny of others, then it is an aberration, and that is why we are saying that we are students of history, I am a fast learner and I learn very well, I learnt that a child of no body can become somebody without one-man detecting for him, and if I have learnt that from Adams Oshiomhole, he cannot tell me that without him, I cannot be what I want to be”.

“But it is very unfortunate, to see a father of the house being the one leading the destruction of its own house, but fortunately, there are very good students of history who have learnt from their father and they are ready to protect the properties they jointly built and the father may end up being the only one that would be locked out of this house if he does not behave like a father”.

“So for us as children, we have learnt never to run when there is trouble, we don’t look for trouble but when trouble comes, we don’t run away, that is how we were trained and we will wait and pray that trouble should never come because when trouble comes, we are rugged and dogged, we are waiting” he stated.

“The president in his wisdom came in the last time to resolve the matter, we pray that one day we will all return back as one as one family” he said.