Our children are eating from the dustbin, corruption kills more than HIV/AIDs/Malaria put together – ActionAid


The Country Director, ActionAid Nigeria, Mrs. Ene Obi, on Tuesday, August 13, disclosed that corruption kills more people in Nigeria than HIV/Aids and malaria put together.

Mrs Obi, who made this known when she led a delegation of ActionAid Officials to the Abuja Bureau of Vanguard Newspaper, stated that more needed to be done in the fight against corruption in every sphere of national life.

According to her: “ActionAid is an anti-poverty Agency, to eradicate corruption. We believe that corruption can be eradicated, and we believe that if our resources can be distributed the way it should, remove the looting and the misappropriation that is happening, no Nigerian needs to go to bed hungry.

“There were days that no Nigeria would go to the dustbin. We witnessed that as young people, but today, our children are eating from the dust bin. Now, the few are getting richer, and the gap between the poor and the rich is widening. When we are growing up in school, we were with children of Governors in a public University, but today, that is not happening.

“Corruption is the major obstacle to eradicating poverty, and we are looking at it as Nigerians who have said no.

“As Nigerians, if we do not reclaim our country, it will not even be the dustbin they will eat from, we do not even know where they would eat.

“I think it is time to reclaim our land from the looters. Orientation is something that we seek. I think people have lost it. There is a lot of insanity in the atmosphere, and that is the sanity that we need to bring back to people.

“People who have gone astray, we can also bring them back to the fold. And so, ActionAid is calling for collaboration in the fight against corruption”, Mrs. Obi stated.