Our Nuclear Weapons Not Targeting Africa – North Korea Ambassador


Kampala — The ambassador of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) to Uganda, Mr Myong Kyong Chol has said that his country’s nuclear weapons do not target African countries, but rather world powers that pose a threat to North Korea’s sovereignty.

During an interview on Thursday, Mr Chol said that those telling North Korea to stop developing the weapons are their enemies who wish them nothing but extinction.

“If you tell us to stop producing nuclear weapons, you are telling us to die. We will not accept that because we don’t want to die,” said Mr Chol.

Mr Chol said those claiming that North Korea’s nuclear weapons are a threat to Africa are envious of the good relationship the Korean country has enjoyed with African countries over time.

“They are looking for our close allies and all they want is to divorce us from them but to say we target African countries is not true because we have always supported Africa and we share a history of colonialism,” Mr Chol added.

The North Korea envoy however said that the idea of abolishment of nuclear weapons would be good, but only if done globally and not only in some countries.

“Many powerful countries are in possession of nuclear weapons, so if this weaponry is to be banned then the sanctions should apply to all countries,” Chol added.

Uganda-North Korea relations

Earlier this year, Uganda disengaged relations with N. Korea over nuclear weapons following the UN sanctions against N. Korea after the country launched ballistic missiles.

The sanctions prohibit all UN member states from engaging with embargoed states in activities such as trade or transfer of technology.

Nevertheless, the North Korean ambassador said his country continues to enjoy a good relationship.

“We may not be cooperating in terms of trade and technology but we have good feelings towards each other. There is no bad blood between us and Uganda,” said Mr Chol.


The ambassador said that the recent attempt by countries leave the ICC shows the court’s bias towards African leaders.

He encouraged African countries to strengthen themselves through regional bodies, saying world bodies such as the ICC were established to serve the interests of world powers at the expense of African countries.

He argues that African countries should develop their own solutions to their problems through regional bodies like the East African community and others.