Police get forensic lab, drones against kidnapping, robbery

The Nigeria Police Force has acquired a forensic laboratory, a digital resource centre and dronesthat can aid it in solving complex criminal cases in the country, including kidnapping, bank robbery, identity theft and others.

The facility, which has a wide variety of applications for positive identification of crime suspects through their fingerprints, iris and facial recognition functions, can also collect, store, merge and display the identity of targeted criminal elements even at the scene of crime.

The Inspector-General of Police, Solomon Arase, who inaugurated the equipment on Wednesday at the Force headquarters, Abuja, stated that the facility was a traditional scientific investigation tool of police departments all over the world.

He emphasised that modern policing was driven by the application of technology, forensic science, intelligence and citizens’ consent.

The equipment, the IG said, was a personal identity management systems that the police ought to have had long before now, stressing that its acquisition was meant to bridge the capacity gap in the Force in relation to forensic assets.

Arase explained that the facility was set up to complement the existing forensic laboratory in Lagos, adding that the digital resource centre was designed to serve as an information processing centre, where outcomes of analysed pieces of forensic evidence or other specialised policing materials or criminal information were disseminated in the most secure fashion to other police formations.

The DIG in charge of the FCIID, Christopher Katso, explained that the facility also included personal body camera systems for policemen on operations and could transmit live feeds to GSM phones and the control room.