#SarakiTrial: Courtroom full, senators, family members await proceedings

The lead defence counsel, Kanu Agabi has announced that 66 lawyers are in court to defend Saraki.

Saraki docked at the Code of Conduct Tribunal as proceedings get underway.

Proceedings in the trial of Senator Saraki for false assets declaration has commenced as Justice Danladi Umar enters the courtroom around 10.10 am.
The Counsels are annoucing their appearance as more people enter into the courtroom.

Six SANs in court for Saraki.

The lead defence counsel, Kanu Agabi announced that he has six SANs with him in addition to other lawyers

Saraki has entered the courtroom of the CCT, he did so at exactly 9.55 am to the subdued excitement of his expectant supporters.

Dressed in sparkling white guinea brocade, he was accompanied by a retinue of senators who quickly filled up the five benches reserved for them.

Before taking his seat, the Senate President went to greet his defence counsel lead by Kanu Agabi (SAN).

However after shaking Agabi, the Senate President extended his hand to Jacobs, the lead prosecuting counsel, an action that was met with loud, simultaneous disapproval of “Nooo!” by his supporters.

The Senate President quickly withdrew his hand from Jacobs. He is now seated waiting for the commencement of the trial.

9.34 am: The courtroom of the Code of Conduct Tribunal is already filled as excepted. The five benches reserved for Senator Bukola Saraki, Nigeria’s senate president will be occupied by senators who are expected to accompany him to the Tribunal.

Most of those who have arrived in court early are aides of the Senate President as well as members of his political family from Kwara State, journalists and lawyers.

Kanu Agabi, SAN, former Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice who is Saraki’s new lead counsel is also already in court.

As expected, he came with a retinue of lawyers.

The prosecution counsel is also already in court with his team of lawyers. The lead prosecution counsel, Rotimi Jacobs arrived around 9.40 am.

The trial is being conducted under very tight security. Police has deployed scores of officers from its regular, anti riot and anti terrorism squad to ensure that trouble makers are kept at bay.

The police have restricted youth group who came to support the Senate President to some metres away from the Tribunal premises.

The trial is expected to kick off at 10:00 am.