The Bureaucracy Changed the Standing Rules, Not Saraki- Dino Melaye

During an interview on The Osasu Show (which broadcasts weekly on AIT, ITV, and Ben TV) Senator Dino Melaye (representative of Kogi West Senatorial District in Kogi State) emphatically denounced the widely spread allegations that the senate standing rules were forged to validate the electoral processes that led to the emergence of Incumbent senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki and his Deputy, Senator Ike Ekweremadu.

Senator Dino Melaye, Chairman Senate Committee on FCT said to the host of the independently produced programme, Osasu Igbinedion, “Every rule has a four-year life span and every Senate, once you’re resuming, you’re given a copy of the rule, then we have the leverage, we have the liberty to amend what we are given as a Senate. It is not forgery for the bureaucracy to produce rules for a particular section of the National Assembly, either the lower or the upper house. There’s no case of forgery.”

When ask how the rules changed between the end of the 7th senate to the beginning of the 8th senate, Senator Dino responded “The chairman of the rules and business committee of the 7th Senate said throughout their tenure, there was no amendment to that rule, to the Senate rules. So if there was any alteration, on the rules, it must have been done while there was no Senate in sitting.  When we were given a copy of the rules on the 7th, Clear 48 hours before our resumption by the bureaucracy, Bukola Sakari did not hand over a rule to me. Ekweremandu did not hand over a rule to me. The bureaucracy did.”

Osasu, Host of The Osasu Show, followed up his comments by asking who exactly the bureaucracy is made of, he responded “You have the Clerk of the Senate, the Clerk of the House of Reps, the Clerk of the […] and let me tell you, even if as claimed, that the rule was tampered with, any Senator who is aggrieved, there is provision in our rules for that Senator to raise it on the floor of the Senate, and amendment then, be carried out, if he has a majority on any clause in our rules.”

Watch a clip from the interview below (to watch the full interview tune in to AIT on Friday at 9AM):