The ‘Herod’ of Kaduna, your days are numbered – Apostle Suleman

Fiery President and founder of the Omega fire ministries, Apostle Suleman Johnson has pronounced death on the Kaduna State governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai for waging a ‘holy’ war against the Christians in Southern Kaduna.

In a video seen on Youtube, he went all out against the governor for his role in the Kaduna crisis.

According to him, God will harden the hearts of man, become proud and arrogant and their downfall won’t be far off.

“Because he did it in Abuja, nothing happened, he then entered a Christian community in Kaduna and said he will destroy lives, he will die, he said.”

He further lambasted the governor for instituting the policy that religion houses must secure a licence to preach. He also wondered why a curfew was set in place that from 8 pm, nobody must gather. He asked if Muslims gather from that time.

He didn’t spare those commenting on the social media, saying anyone who says the wrong thing will be inviting curses upon themselves.

In his words, “license from whom, license by whom, the anointing on me is the license to preach.

An imbecile, a barbarian, a man whose mouth is bigger than his body and wants to rubbish Christianity and everyone is telling us to take it easy. To hell with everyone. If you hate the church, I hate you. If you stand against the church, I fight you. People on social media running their mouths are extending curses upon themselves. Anybody that attempts to find out why he died, will follow him.

The apostle further queried the stand of the government to demolish houses and churches in relation to improving the economy of the state/nation.

Without mincing word, Suleman said El-Rufai insulted Jesus openly and nothing happened and wondered what would have happened if it was the other way round.

“El-rufai opened his septic tank and insulted Jesus on twitter that he committed sin with Mary Magdalene. He said nobody could do anything, tell him I would do something,” he stated. 

“If you mishandle your life, you will expire before your expiry date. God doesn’t ask questions, He kills those who come against the Church, His first born. Look at Herod, Nebuchadnezzar.”

Meanwhile, he has dismissed the claims that he was sexually involved with Stephanie Otobo as false, saying the truth will be exposed in twenty-four hours (sic)

He said, “God just told me something, ‘That in twenty-four hours Marine will be disgraced publicly. I’m not just prophesying on you, I’m prophesying on myself. In twenty-four hours the truth will be exposed. The Marine kingdoms will be disappointed. I’m saying something else and He (God) is telling me something else, He (God) just whispered that to me now. He (God) said in twenty-four hours, kingdom of the waters and their representatives that made themselves available tools will be disgraced, and they shall know that I AM THAT I AM has sent me.”

Speaking further, he said, “We don’t fight with our mouth we fight on our knees. You can’t do certain things and still carry the anointing we carry. No, we don’t do that nonsense.

“If I am true or not true, real or not real – twenty-four hours.

“I’m tough, you can’t bring me down.

“Don’t you see me preaching? Do I look worried? Get a better agent.

“You know why we ignore some people, we don’t want to make them popular. It’s normal, you cannot fight the devil and he keeps quiet. And if the devil wants people to start doubting you, he attacks your reputation. We know this, and they won’t stop, let me tell you the truth. One problem, because I said, ‘Don’t kill Christians’. That’s all I said, and you come out doing drama, acting movie. You should have least gotten somebody that people will believe… look for a presentable, not this… come on… I have travelled round the world, I’ve seen all kinds, is it that…?”