#TheOsasuShow: Human Rights Violations across Nigeria


Recently the Abuja metropolis has subject to numerous protests by members of IMN (Islamic Movement of Nigeria, AKA #Shiites), their plight is for the release of Ibrahim El-Zakzaky who they claim is being detained illegally.

Mrs. Osai Ojigho who is the Country Direction of the Amnesty International joined us on the Osasu Show to talk about Human Right Violation and how it affects the Shiites group.

She stressed that Amnesty International have been consistent in passing the message that the continuous detention of El-Zakzaky is illegal and unconstitutional.

She also said the authorities owe it to the Nigerians that they are respecting the rule of law by ensuring that the court order which specifically requested for his release is respected.

She concluded by saying they take their role as Amnesty International very important, we are an independent impartial organization and our job is to monitor human violation wherever they occur all over the world. As such, we want the rule of law respected, through action and prosecution where crimes have being committed.

Watch this episode for the full interview.