Tips For Playing Mobile Lottery Games In Nigeria

When was the last time you went out to buy a lottery ticket for a big draw? Are you a regular player or do you just occasionally play when you know there is an important jackpot prize at stake? If you are temporarily in Nigeria for vacationing or business reasons or you have lived here your whole life and you are just know thinking about trying out the Nigerian lottery game, here are a few tips to get started.

Lotto Nigeria Has Bi-Weekly Draws

The official lottery game of Nigeria is Lotto Nigeria; the game is played twice a week on Saturdays and Wednesdays and it is a result of National Sports Lottery plc. At the time this article was written, the value of the jackpot for the Saturday draw was of N2 million. The rules of the game are simple and similar to the rules of the majority of lottery games played all around the world: players need to pick 6 numbers from 1 to 49 and if they match all 6 lottery draw numbers, they will be announced as the big winners of the jackpot prize. Matching 5, 4, or just 3 numbers will also bring players some smaller cash prizes in the same draws. So the game is worth playing even if you are not the luckiest of all players.

Rusty Lottery Past For Nigerian Players

In the past, Nigerians were supposed to search for national sports lottery agents. All of the games used to be played with the help of lotto terminals found within Nigerian agent locations for N50. This prevents a great number of people from playing as they were unable to locate lottery agents on time, or because they were living too far from the play locations. The advent of mobile technologies and the use of the internet is now enabling interested players to play from remote locations, completely eliminating the need to physically get in touch with lottery agents. Websites like the one here allow players to buy tickets online using home computers or mobile devices and laptops form any remote location; mobile phone technologies in Nigeria help Nigerian players to play Lotto Nigeria using short text messages form any remote location via the number 35777.

How To Play Mobile Nigerian Lotto Games?

All you need to do is write [(S) or (W) for the corresponding draw day] [space] [your first option of a number] [space] [your second number] [space] [third number] [space] etc] and send the text to 35777. Once you have done this, you should instantly receive an SMS that will confirm your registered play. You will see your chosen numbers in this text message, as well as the number of your electronic ticket. Hold on to this text message as you will need to use it in case you will win and redeem your prize with it. You will only have to pay N100 for each game you will play. And the good news for those of you who are constantly in a hurry is that you can also send the QP (quick play) command and let the system automatically generate your numbers.