Top Smart Security Systems For 2016

Have you ever heard of a smart home? No, this is not a reference to a home lived by very bright people; it is a place that is fully automated and controlled property down to the smallest detail. What can you do in such a home? You can lock doors and turn the lights on/off around the hosue for starters. You can come home to a fully lit home for once and not be afraid that a burglar might be waiting on the porch. You can control your backyard lawnmower and have the grass mowed without you even touching a thing. You can control the thermostat so it's nice and crisp inside before you get back from a tiring business trip in the winter. And you can even feed your parrot while away during the weekend without bothering the neighbors. This is not by far an exhaustive list of all of the amazing things you can do inside a smart house – from a remote location – with the help of a very special remote control, a tablet or smartphone. If you are eager to learn a few extra details on these smart security systems that are making their way into our lives in 2016 more than ever, read on.profesisonal Houston locksmith service

Smart Security Systems For Smart Owners

Such a system will not solely allow you to do everything around the house at a much more convenient pace, but it will also help you better secure your property against burglars and intruders lurking around.

  • You can easily customize the features and actions of a smart security system by using one of the many available do-it-yourself kits. You can set up all the monitoring and controlling actions you wish with just a few taps and only depending on your needs. If you fear you might not be able to fully monitor the system on your own, you can always opt in for a subscription you will need to pay a fee for and have your property be monitored 24/7 by professionals. The local police and the fire department will be immediately alarmed should something trigger the alarms.

  • Your home will be a lot safer with the help of a smart system that will connect to your home Wi-Fi network; this will allow you to closely monitor and gain control over your security devices via a smartphone and a special app. Expect at least a few door and window sensors, along with a motion detector, and a specialized hub that can easily communicate with these devices via various wireless protocols.

  • You can also opt for a professional Houston locksmith service that can also cater to your needs for having sensor alarm systems around the doors and windows installed fast and hassle-free. Authorized locksmiths like the ones at 24/7 Houston Locksmith have a very special offer for residential services, including powerful Garde 1 and Grade 2 lock accompanied by sturdy dead bolts, sensor alarms, window locks, blocks, and safety bars or sensor systems that will keep your home better protected. Their 24/7 availability and possibility to handle emergency lockouts as well as commercial and automotive services are additional reasons why it is an excellent idea to keep their number into your emergency contacts. While a smart security system can trigger an alarm every time someone is trying to burgle your home, some professional intruders might actually manage to do it – and they will most likely break a door or window lock in the process. The next logical thing to do in such a case – after the police are gone – is to call an emergency locksmith and have him come over and change your deadbolt lock and install a brand new one.