Troops uncover Boko Haram’s administrative base, hospital, bomb factory

The troops were said to have encountered and engaged surprised elements of Boko Haram terrorists in a gun battle.

The terrorists reportedly escaped, leaving trails of blood from gunshot injuries they sustained.

The patrol team later made startling discovery in the area as they found it served as the Boko Haram terrorists’ administration and harbour area, Field Hospital and Improvised Explosive Devices making factory.

The troops recovered the following items at the base; six motorcycles, two bicycles, four Machine Gun Mounts, one power generating set, three Armoured Personnel Carriers tyres, 10 bags of assorted foodstuff, four different vehicles radiators, a wheel chair, two clutches, one stretcher and 11 different car batteries.

Other recovered items included three gas cylinders, two stabilizers, one welding machine, three motorcycle batteries and four gallons stuffed with grains.

The troops also recovered one Toyota Buffalo engine, one Toyota Hilux Engine, one blanket, one megaphone, one Escola’s Box, four motorcycle wheels, one grinding machine, one vehicle gear box, one damaged part of a Canter truck, military uniforms, an unserviceable laptop, two wheel barrows and three vehicle jacks.

Similarly, the patrol team recovered three rounds of 7.62mm ammunition, 31 IEDs primers, two flash drives containing vital information and surgical gloves and urine bags.

Other items recovered included bandages, two tyre pumps, .50 inch Browning Machine Gun parts, as well as a 60mm Mortar Bomb, Sphygmomanometer, Anti-Tetanus Injection, Penicillin Injections and other medications and medical equipment.

The troops equally recovered a trailer truck, damaged vehicle, two slates, Holy Qur’an, handcuffs and solar panels.

The team was said to have followed the blood trail left by the insurgents and exploiting further to dominate the general area with patrols to further secure it.