December 4, 2020

When We Are All Rich

The promise of the modern era and its technologies always was that we would — as humanity — grow and prosper, and that the abundance of this planet would be equally shared by the maximum number of people with less work. — Right?


Science was and is involved with this revolution of humanity acting as a natural force itself, able to exert some impressive influence upon Nature. The destruction resulting from the mechanistic exploitation of natural elements, resources and even people may have been chalked up by the superpowers as necessary growing pains or somehow par for the course of ‘development’.


Now, however, new currents are emerging within technology and the sciences behind them, as well as in the humanities and moral traditions, and in the marketplace. People in these disciplines today have conceived of a way to practice a holistic kind of development. Eco consumerism falls into this trend, along with a general resurgence of natural therapies and ancient forms of knowledge. So, it has been a swing of extremes. We are exiting the extremely scientistic period characterised by wanton exploitation (of human beings as well) — a new balance is yet to come.

The Utopian Dream

Unrestrained economic and industrial growth is no longer the socially sanctioned aim for modern societies. In fact, this turn in history is a significant backdrop for the evolving stories of formerly war-torn or troubled nations entering the global economic game. That means also transitioning toward being open, Western-compatible cultures — or, be able to interact with all other cultures including those in the West. The trick, the challenge for the establishment and the powers that be, as they say, is to combine this new ethical framework with the concept of fair competition using the capitalist model.


The next few decades are set to be very interesting, historic and full of change at all levels of human life. It seems almost certain that a counterforce to the excesses of the late Twentieth Century is bound to build, however, the question is how fast this will happen. Meanwhile, we are faced with the frontier in terms of the Web and globalized culture. Right now, great discretion and intelligence must be exercised when encountering newly invented forms of public communication, new media, technologies and of course marketing.


Open Mindedness for Survival


Some forms of entertainment, for example, might be unfairly discounted or judged poorly in a premature fashion — the Web is unrutted and wide open for innovation. Therefore, a massive global phenomenon like the world of land based casinos going online may seem trifling at first, but the underlying patterns are fundamental to the entire Web with its decentering tendencies.

The overall creation of useful apps and worthwhile online entertainment requires great acumen and sensitivity toward the postmodern human condition. Games, and this may be surprising for some, carry a lot of weight as a social medium, comparable to social networking applications. A site like the UK casinos online guide is a great example of the advanced programming and logic that can be applied to making effective training or educational content as well as addictive games. We must learn to understand and experience this kind of material before making judgements. A global bazaar is arising, a stage for any nation and each individual to express and share — ideally to create a more practical world matched by more cooperation in general.