Why A Clean Learning Environment Is Important For Children

You probably do everything in your power to maintain your home as clean as possible every day. Besides the obvious need to get rid of the germs hiding everywhere, cleaning up also gives you a feeling of a cozier and more comfortable home to live in. This is why you free up time to clean your home periodically, and even get in touch with professional cleaners from time to time when you feel overwhelmed or simply have no time to do everything by yourself.

Needless to say children have weak immune systems and are more sensitive to germs and bacteria and they need to be raised in a clean and healthy environment, both at home and at school. So what do schools need to do to ensure this happens?

Japanese School Cleaning System – Exception Or Inspiration?

We are used to the image of janitors cleaning school locker rooms, hallways, and classrooms, picking up empty soda bottles, food wrappers, banana peels, and anything else kids leave behind in a rush. This image is a reality of the African schooling system, and the same goes for schools in the U.S., Europe and other parts of the world. But did you know that the Japanese are making students pick up after themselves? While in Africa people do not bother to clean after themselves when they know someone else will come from behind and get the job done for them, the Japanese culture teaches something different. It fosters a healthy attitude of working in a cheerful manner; it all starts in school where children are encouraged to clean their own school, including classrooms and restrooms. And it teaches excellent life skills as well. So maybe African students should try to copy this approach to keeping schools clean.

In the meanwhile, here are a few of the current school cleaning practices specific to the public and private teaching institutions in the country.

Maintaining Schools Clean With Professional Cleaners

There are specializes cleaning services that cater to the needs of homes or institutions including office buildings and schools. Schools in need of reliable janitorial services can visit the Prosco site and get in touch with the cleaning Prosco team. They will send over a team of experienced cleaners that can handle all specific needs connected to schools and learning institutions. They also handle cleaning services for offices, churches, institutions, construction cleaning and the list could go on. If you are interested in any other types of repair services for your school, including carpet cleaning, carpentry, landscaping, computer repair, electricity services, plumbing, roofing, locksmithing, and more.

Why Opt For Green Cleaning Services For Schools?

One of the main benefits of hiring the prosco.com team comes from the fact they also offer green services, which are always preferred to regular services that rely on chemicals and harmful substances. School managers who are interested in promoting the well-being of students will opt for green cleaning alternatives:

– green cleaners will use specific products made from environmentally friendly ingredients that can effectively preserve the health of students and the school personnel, as well as the quality of air and waters;

– they will also use products and cleaning tools that are certified for reduced environmental impact from UL Environment and have undergone rigorous scientific testing.

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